Study Questions for Final EEP 143 07

Study Questions for Final EEP 143 07 - Study Questions for...

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Study Questions for Final Exam, EEP 143 Note: Exam is cumulative over the whole course, so study early questions, lectures and references too! 1. Are Patent Pools more likely to be anticompetitive (act as a barrier to entry) if: (a) technologies are complements (b) technologies are substitutes (c) technologies are unrelated Explain. 2. What would be two big changes if the Substantive Patent Law Treaty were adopted? Who would gain? Who would lose? Is there an efficiency benefit of the treaty? Explain. 3. What big change was introduced by the Paris Convention? Explain. 4. What was the main effect of the TRIPS Agreement? Who initiated work on this Agreement? 5. Is price discrimination a good or bad thing in pricing drugs for rich and poor people? Explain. Apply your answer to the world pharma market. 6. What is different about agricultural public research funding, relative to other areas of research, nationally and internationally? 7. What are the areas of public research funding in the United States? Which has the largest share? What comes second? 8. Would private profit-maximizing behavior produce the welfare-maximizing amount of research in the economy? If not, why not? 9. What kinds of government policies are used to correct market failure in research provision in the US economy? List at least four. 10. Why does small country (such as Australia, to pick a random example) benefit more form a system where the rest of the world has IPR but it does not? Is the Paris Convention an important factor in this case? Explain carefully.
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11. What industry is special in the sense that less developed countries spend about as
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Study Questions for Final EEP 143 07 - Study Questions for...

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