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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ME 109 Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering Professor Ralph Greif Spring 2008 Lecture: M W F 12-1 , Morgan Hall 101 (Northwest part of campus) Discussion: Tues 12-1 Barker 110, Wed 5-6 Etch 3105 Instructor: Ralph Greif, 6107 Etcheverry Hall, [email protected] Tel 642-6462 Office hours: M W TBA, 6107 Etch. Hall Text: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer , F.P. Incropera, D.P. DeWitt, T. L. Bergmann and A. S. Lavine, 6th Ed., John Wiley www.wiley.com/incropera for homework answers and Supplemental Sections Problem Sets : First set is due on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1 Grading Policy : homework 15%, two mid-terms 40%, final exam 45% Graduate Student Instructors : Ming-tsang Lee ([email protected]), Suzanne Singer ([email protected]) GSI Office Hours : M 5-6 Etch 6153; Th 12-1 Hesse Hall 136 TENTATIVE (WILL BE UPDATED) Week Topics Chapter & Section 1 (1/23) 1.1. INTRODUCTION: rates of energy transfer; 1.1-1.7 modes of heat transfer; conservation of energy; units and dimensions 1.2 CONDUCTION: rate equation; boundary and 2.1-2.5
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  • Spring '08
  • Heat Transfer, blackbody radiation, radiation exchange, steady state conduction, Professor Ralph Greif, blackbody radiation exchange