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ARE 210 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics page 1 ARE 210 I NTRODUCTION TO M ATHEMATICAL S TATISTICS Instructor Jeffrey T. LaFrance Office 328 Giannini Hall Phone 643-5416 E-mail [email protected] Office Hours 1:00-2:00 M W Lectures 2:00-3:00 M W F 2311 Tolman Hall Midterm Exam (take home) Distributed in class 11/5 Due back in class 11/7 Final Exam: (in class) Monday, 12/10 Graduate Student Instructor Jesse Tack Office 325 Giannini Hall Phone 643-5415 Email [email protected] Office Hours TBA Discussion 11:00-12:00 W 2311 Tolman Hall Textbook: Robert V. Hogg and Allen T. Craig, Introduction to Mathematical Statistics , 6 th Edition, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2005. This is a course in the elements of probability and mathematical statistics for the ph.D. sequence in quantitative methods in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the Univer- sity of California, Berkeley. An important component of the course is the weekly homework. They assignments are mandatory. Your homework score is 35% of your grade. Attempt to complete each prob- lem. Show your work neatly and in an organized fashion. Work on each section of the text and homework before you come to class on the associated topic every week . Other- wise, you will not be well-equipped to understand the lectures. Lectures are complementary to the text and homework assignments that provide intuition,
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2008 for the course ARE 210 taught by Professor Lafrance during the Fall '07 term at Berkeley.

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Are-210-Syllabus-2007 - .7002 ,01 rebmeceD ,yadnoM ,ssalc...

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