lecture1 - Economics 202A My Name: George Akerlof Office:...

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1 Economics 202A Fall 2007 Lecture I My Name: George Akerlof Office: 685 Evans Hall Phone: 642-5837 527-9050 and 527-3542 (home) e-mail: akerlof@econ.berkeley.edu office hours: Thursday 4-6, unless otherwise announced T.A.: Max Kasy Office: 608-5 Evans Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 3-4 I will teach the first half of the course and then Maury Obstfeld will teach the second half. I am told that the course is being rationed. I know that this is very unfortunate. Everyone who wants to take the course who is not already enrolled should give me your name and e-mail after the class. Let me make various announcements and notices about the arrangements of the course: 1. Section Times and Places are: M 4-6P, 385 LECONTE and also W 4-6P, B56 HILDEBRAND 2. Next Monday is Labor Day holiday. Since there is a section scheduled for Monday that poses a problem. Especially since that section is so important, we are going to do the following. Max will give a section this Thursday evening, August 30, from 6:10 to 8 in 145 McCone Hall. He will do a review of time series processes in section. That will be the section for this week. There will be no section next week. Second, unfortunately and unavoidably, I have to be in Washington to give a Brookings Paper next Thursday.
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2 George Perry, who is a very good friend of mine is retiring. There is a meeting in his honor and I had no choice about this. I think this is a bad time to miss a class, so I will give a replacement class next Tuesday from 6:10 to 7:30. It will be in Room 150 of the Goldman School of Public Policy, which is across the street. You are to do the first problem set and hand it in next Tuesday. The problems are on the Course Website. 3. Four notes about organization and grades: 1. There will be a mid-term. It will take place 2/3’s of the way through the term so as not to take place at the same time as your other midterms. It will be two or three weeks after your other midterms. 2. There will be a final examination. 3. The problem sets are to be handed in. 4. The major incentive for doing the homework is that we will model some exam questions after homework problems. 4. I wish to emphasize that you are welcome to visit my office at any time. I will be delighted to talk to you at any time. 5. The textbook is by David Romer and is entitled Advanced Macroeconomics, Third Edition. Let me know if you have any trouble getting a copy of the textbook. If they have run out of the textbook at the ASUC book store please ask them to get you a copy or get one quickly yourself. The textbook and my own thinking are in close agreement about the material, but I think that it is my obligation to teach you how I think about macroeconomics. So I will follow the textbook, but I will not follow it exactly. The marginal cost of the textbook is 0 for anyone who is planning to take
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lecture1 - Economics 202A My Name: George Akerlof Office:...

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