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Matlab Section4

Matlab Section4 - not use the parenthesis around...

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Hendrik Wolff February 9, 2006 Matlab appendix to Section 4: Use of Indicator Functions and Plotting (a) In Section we discussed the use of indicators in MATLAB to conveniently arrange and manipulate data. A further more complicated, but useful use of indicators is outlined next. Feel free to use that in HW4: In HW4, question 1, it is asked to replace all durations equal to 0 with 1. The durations are stored as the first column in the datamatrix “data”) data(:,1)=data(:,1).*(data(:,1)>0)+(data(:,1)==0); % adding one for zero durations To test if you understand the use of the indicator function. What would happen if you did
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Unformatted text preview: not use the parenthesis around data(:,1)==0? (b) Some MATLAB commands to plot functions: 'plot log likelihood function' lambda=(-10:0.1:-4)'; % x-axis lllambda=0*lambda; % y-axis for i=1:length(lambda); lllambda(i,1)=loglik(lambda(i,1),dur,censor); % function loglik returns the likelihood value at lambda(i,1) end, plot(lambda,lllambda,'-') % Alternatively use . , - , *, and see what happens… % to customize the output you can use the following commands: axis([-10 -4 -40000 0]) xlabel('lambda') ylabel('log likelihood function') title('Figure 1: Log Likelihood Function')...
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  • Spring '06
  • Maximum likelihood, Likelihood function, Indicator function, log likelihood function, Likelihood principle, Hendrik Wolff

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