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PHYSICS 141A S. G. LOUIE SPRING 2007 Problem Set #5 Due: Friday, 03/02/07 Reading: Chapter 6 of ISSP (25) 1. ISSP, Ch. 5, Problem 4: Heat capacity of layer lattice. (Part a is similar to one of the problems in the midterm exam.) (25) 2. ISSP, Ch. 5, Problem 5: Grüneisen constant. [Hint: A way to approach this problem is to evaluate the partition function Z and use the relation that the free energy F is given by F = k B T log Z .] (25) 3. a) Using the fact that photons are bosons with dispersion relation
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Unformatted text preview: = ck , show that photon energy density in a cavity is U V = " 2 15 h 3 c 3 (k B T) 4 and hence a photon specific heat of C v V = 4 " 2 k B 4 15 h 3 c 3 # $ % % & ( ( T 3 b) Consider a dielectric solid with a Debye temperature equal to 100 K and with 10 22 atoms/cm 3 . Estimate the temperature at which the photon contribution to the heat capacity would be equal to the phonon contribution evaluated at 1 K . (25) 4. ISSP, Ch. 6, Problem 1: Kinetic energy of electron gas....
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