141A_PS6_sp07 - Fermi gases in astrophysics. (25) 3. ISSP,...

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PHYSICS 141A S. G. LOUIE SPRING 2007 Problem Set #6 Due: Friday, 03/09/07 Reading: Finish Chapter 6 of ISSP (25) 1. ISSP, Ch. 6, Problem 2: Pressure and bulk modulus of an electron gas. (25) 2. ISSP, Ch. 6, Problem 4:
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Unformatted text preview: Fermi gases in astrophysics. (25) 3. ISSP, Ch. 6, Problem 6: Frequency dependence of the electrical conductivity. (25) 4. ISSP, Ch. 6, Problem 8: Cohesive energy of free electron Fermi gas....
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