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ps1 - Phys/Astro 228 Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology...

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Phys/Astro 228: Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology September 8 2006 C.–P. Ma Problem Set 1 Due: Friday September 15 in class Homework Policy : No late homework . You should make all efforts to solve the problems entirely on your own. You may consult a classmate for inspiration if you are really stuck, but once you have received the hints, you should re-solve and write up the solutions by yourself. Readings: Chapter 1 of Dodelson and Sec 19.1 of “Big Bang Cosmology” from Review of Particle Physics (see link at course website). The latter is a brief summary of a subset of the equations we have derived in class. Note two differences in conventions: (1) We use dimensionless a and they use dimensional R for the scale factor; (2) Our cosmological constant Λ is included in the energy density ρ in the Friedmann equation while they write it out as a separate term in their (19.8). 1. Time Evolution of Ω As we discussed in class, the density parameter Ω generally is not a constant in time.
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