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Debate_Two_MCB61 - variety of situations etc •...

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MCB 61 Discussion Section Debate #2 Week of March 31-April 4, 2008 Complete statement of debate topic: A legitimate use of pharmaceutical stimulants - such as amphetamine and methylphenidate – should be cognitive enhancement for "normal" individuals. • by "legitimate use" we mean subject to being openly researched, eligible for FDA-approval, and able  to be commercially advertised (i.e., as is standard for pharmaceuticals and their accepted (FDA- approved) uses) • by "cognitive enhancement" we mean aiding study in school, improved mental performance in a 
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Unformatted text preview: variety of situations, etc • by "normal" we mean not having a diagnosed psychiatric or medical condition for which the stimulant might be prescribed • recommended reading (posted on our web site): • B Sahakian & S Morein-Zamir "Professor's little helper" Nature 450: 1157-1159 (2007) • B Carey "Smartening up: Brain enhancement is wrong, right?" New York Times (9 March 2008)...
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