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MCB61_HW2_2008 - MCB 61 Homework Assignment#2 Must be...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 61 Homework Assignment #2 Must be turned in to your Discussion Section GSI during the week of February 18-22, 2008 Neuroscience is a burgeoning field of research and issues dealing with the brain and how it relates to behavior frequently appear in the major news media. Every week one can find several articles in major newspapers and magazines, stories on television and radio news, and reports on newsmedia websites concerning topics in contemporary neuroscience. Your assignment is to find a news report, appearing within the past 3 months, about a topic in neuroscience, brain research, or biological psychology, or whatever we wish to call these areas of study. The report should be from newsmedia publication, not from a scientific journal. Then, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, write a short (12 paragraph) summary description of the news item, including a COMPLETE REFERENCE to where the news item may be found. Your summary description should convey the essence of what the news report is about and, if you wish, why you find it interesting. We repeat, it is important that your description of the article be IN YOUR OWN WORDS and not simply copy material from the text of the article. Put your name, SID number, and discussionsection day and time on your assignment. As before, you must turn in your homework as a paper copy. Emailed assignments will not be accepted. Enjoy! ...
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