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Debate_Guide_Brain_2008 - Guidelines for the Discussion...

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Guidelines for the Discussion Section Debates 2008 - MCB 61 Debate #1 – week of March 10-14 Debate #2 – week of March 31-April 4 Debate #3 – week of April 28-May 2 TOPICS TO BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS The third of the class addressing the topic will divide into two groups: AFFIRMATIVE and NEGATIVE.  Debates will occur IN  DISCUSSION SECTION.  We expect that groups will have to meet outside of class time to prepare for the debate. DEBATE STRUCTURE: I) Opening Arguments / Statements • Affirmative 5 minutes • Negative 5 minutes II) Work with group to prepare rebuttal 3 minutes III)   Rebuttal Round • Negative responds to affirmative's opening arguments 3 minutes • Affirmative responds to negative's opening arguments 3 minutes IV) Work with group to prepare closing statements 3 minutes V)   Closing Arguments / Statements • Affirmative 3 minutes • Negative 3 minutes VI) Questions, Comments, and Discussion from the Audience!
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