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Score: _____ out of 9 (= 18 points ÷ 2) LINGUISTICS 1: ASSIGNMENT 6 Name: KEY TA: Section: 1. (4 points) Here are some things that Gretchen said at two periods when she was acquir- ing English as a young child. The left hand column shows what she said using normal spelling of the English words. The middle column shows her actual pronunciation for the utterances that I bothered to write down phonetically: First Data Set: A BOUT 1 YEAR , 9 MONTHS English “spelling” Phonetic (when noted) Intended meaning Take out. All clean. Squeezing her. [aw kin] [gizi h ± ] ‘Take them out.’ (pegs in a pounding board) ‘It’s all clean.’ ‘I’m squeezing her.’ Second Data Set: A BOUT 1 YEAR , 11 MONTHS TO 2 YEARS , 2 MONTHS English “spelling” Phonetic (when noted) Intended meaning Give me um. Falling all over place. Gretchen go take a little bath. [faw ² n aw ova pes] [g ³ ts ± n go tek ± n ² w bæs] ‘Give them to me.’ ‘They’re falling all over the place.’ ‘I’m going to go take a little bath.’ 1 (a) Which universal stage of language acquisition could we claim Gretchen has reached in each of the data sets above? First set : two-word stage Second set : telegraphic stage (b) FOR THE FIRST DATA SET , give two ways in which Gretchen’s sentences resemble adult speech. You may cite features either of sentence form (e.g. “she uses Subject-Verb word order in the sentence [cite example]”) or of the expression of meaning relationships (e.g. “she shows the action + location meaning relation in her sentence [cite example]”). First resemblance : SYNTAX EXAMPLES : VP = Verb + Adverb (“take out”); VP = Verb + Object NP (“squeezing her”); AdjP = Intensifier + Adjective (“all gone”) Second resemblance : MEANING RELATIONSHIPS : action-location (“take out”); action- affected (“squeezing her”) (c) FOR THE SECOND DATA SET , give two ways in which the STRUCTURE of Gretchen’s sentences differs from adult speech. You may cite SPECIFIC omissions , word order differences , or word substitutions . Ignore differences in pronunciation. ANSWER ON THE TOP OF THE NEXT PAGE . 1 At this stage, Gretchen referred to herself by her name.
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