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141A_PS9_sp07 - Potential energy in the diamond...

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PHYSICS 141A S. G. LOUIE SPRING 2007 Problem Set #9 Due: Friday, 04/06/07 Reading: Chapter 3 of ISSP, pp. 42–73, and summary on p. 85. Announcement: 2 nd Midterm is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, in class. This will be a closed book exam. One sheet of notes (both sides) is allowed. (25) 1. ISSP, Ch. 7, Problem 4:
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Unformatted text preview: Potential energy in the diamond structure. (25) 2. (a) ISSP, Ch. 3, Problem 3: Solid molecular hydrogen. (b) Give an estimate of the zero-point kinetic energy per hydrogen molecule that will modify the cohesive energy calculated in part (a). (25) 3. ISSP, Ch. 3, Problem 5: Linear ionic crystal....
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