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Software Installation Overview 1. Insert CD, select Documentation, and open spru377b (may need for reference) 2. Select Install CodeComposer and follow prompts 3. Install their directory (tic2xx) into your root directory (C: or D:) 4. Select full documentation, if possible 5. Don’t register 6. If prompted to restart, select yes 7. Again with the CD, install Spectrum Digital drivers and follow prompts 8. Use the same directory as before 9. Remove CD and you’ll notice three icons: CC ‘2000, CC Setup, and SD Configuration. 10. Select CC Setup 11. Highlight C2xxPP Emulator (it should mention something about 0x378) 12. Click Add to Configuration 13. Select Close 14. Hide CC Setup and SD Configuration icons (won’t use again)
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Connect parallel cable and power cord to computer and DSP 16. Start CC 17. If you receive an error, review spru377b or email the GSI 18. If no error close CC 19. To add GEL file (similar to a macro for CC), copy lf2407.gel from (from the website) into \tic2xx\c2000\cc\gel 20. Right click on the CC icon and select properties 21. In the Target line, replace init.gel with lf2407.gel and click OK 22. Launch CC with this icon 23. When you select GEL from the menu bar, do you see: Watch General Purpose Timer Registers, etc? 24. If not, review 755a.pdf about installing GEL files or email the GSI 25. Discard all other CC icons and replace them with CC icon containing lf2407.gel reference...
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