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Dazed and Confused 4

Dazed and Confused 4 - Ben Strunk St Jean ENGL 015 Civil...

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Ben Strunk St. Jean ENGL 015 December 16, 2007 Civil Disobedience is Freedom Civil disobedience comes with destruction; leading to the disrespect of property and others. A rebellion is, in the most general sense, a refusal to accept authority. It may therefore be seen as containing a range of behaviors from civil disobedience to violent organized attempts to destroy established authority. RICHARD LINKLATER’S MOTIF OF CIVIL DISBOEDIENCE IN DAZED AND CONFUSED SUPPORTS HIS POSITION THAT THE WORLD WANTS US TO CONFORM TO THE IDEA OF THE ENHANCEMENT OF HUMAN SOCIETY. When it is seen at the beginning of the picture, that the high school’s motto is the ‘fighting rebels,’ you know they picked an excellent motto for this bunch of kids. You have the destruction, individualism, and the abuse. Although most of these kids are conforming, even if it’s such a thing as wearing a uniform, there is always that percentage of ‘true rebels.’
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Strunk 2 The stealing and defacing of the school’s monument weren‘t completed for pure pleasure. It represented the disrespect Ron Slater, Kevin Pickford, Randall Floyd, and Michelle Burroughs have for their school and the adults that run it. This act resulted from retaliation for being told what to do and how to do it during the past school year. There retaliation returns later through the smashing of the mailboxes representing the disrespect Pickford, Mitch, Floyd, and Don Dawson have for the government; even one of the mailboxes they smashed presented an American flag on the side of it. Their disrespectfulness returns later being reinforced when an adult male pulls up from behind them while they are buying beer at one of the local convenient stores. The adult holds the fellows at gun point insisting that they should get out of the car to wait for the police since they had just smashed his mailbox. He expresses to them that “it’s a federal offence to mess with the mail”, and the fellows in the car just snicker at his comment and hit the gas. Continuing with their ride earlier, the smashing of the car window with the bowling ball represents the attack on major billion dollar industries, such as Ford. For example
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Dazed and Confused 4 - Ben Strunk St Jean ENGL 015 Civil...

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