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PS4_spring2006 - EEP101/ECON125 Spring 2006 Problem Set...

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EEP101/ECON125 Spring 2006 Problem Set 4 (Due Tuesday, April 25th in class) PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME, SID, AND SECTION NUMBER ON EACH PAGE. Question 1 Please explain the following terms and concepts briefly a) Comparative advantage b) Heckscher Ohlin Theorem c) Stolper Samulson Theorem d) Adjusted Net National Product (ANNP) [The following two questions are based on lecture slides and section discussions, but some of them also include your personal opinions such that they may not have a single “right” answer. However, you can lose points for failing to support your contentions adequately. Please be concise ( no more than 1.5 page per question ) and type or write legible.] Question 2 “The debate [over globalization] is untidy and ill-defined, and one could react by saying that it has no place in a professional setting like this one [economics]. But we cannot afford to ignore it, for the views and attitudes expressed in it will
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