salmon_nb - qualitative (or projectable) predicates. On...

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qualitative (or projectable) predicates. On this issue dissensus reigns. It is obvi- ously crucial to anyone who adopts any sort of covering law view, but it is equally crucial to those who reject that conception if, like Scriven, they admit that laws have a role-justifying function. Second, the problem of causality is still with us. It becomes especially critical for those who find an explanatory role for probabilistic causes. As my brief re- marks have indicated, considerably more work is needed to clarify this concept. Recent interchanges with I. J. Good (W. Salmon 1988a), in addition to my cri- tique of the Fetzer-Nute system, have convinced me that conflicting fundamental intuitions are rampant. The foregoing two problems are hoary philosophical chestnuts on which much ink has been spilled. That situation will, no doubt, continue. The third problem is rather different, I believe. It has to do with quantum mechanical explanation. The chief source of the problem is the famous Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paper.5 It has, of course, been widely discussed, but not often explicitly in the context of scientific explanation. That paper, in effect, describes a thought-experiment and predicts its result. The issue has become more urgent recently as a result of Bell's theorem and the Aspect experiment on remote correlations (see, e.g., Mer- min 1985 or Shimony 1988). Now there is an actual experimental outcome to ex- plain. Opinions vary on the significance of these results. Some say that they are
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salmon_nb - qualitative (or projectable) predicates. On...

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