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Linguistics notes

Linguistics notes - o arguing v joking o talking v reading...

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Linguistics notes Sociolinguistics: Registers and Dialects Each individual’s language is unique but similar enough to communicate Language idealized as a system Dialects depend on o regions o ethnic groups o social groups o age groups o genders native speakers of these languages have slightly diff. set of rules dialects becoming different creates new languages o latin- differnet regions of empire become romance languages registers- speak differently in different situations o intimate v. non intimate
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Unformatted text preview: o arguing v. joking o talking v. reading o offical v. non official o school, court, job interview, family • monolingual societies use more than one register o example- teenagers- form of bonding, used to fit in, mother not expected to talk in same way • register: specialized vocab and preferred syntactic, phonological and morphological structures used by specific sociological or professional groups for specific purposes •...
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