NOTES EASC - NOTES EASC Japanese has three sets of...

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NOTES EASC 1/29/08 Japanese has three sets of characters Chinese identity not super important Chinese allow outsiders in if they recognize Chinese superiority GODZIRRA!!!! AAAHHHH! o Timing of release in japan and us News comes from visual sources or something like that o Japanese game shows “punish ignorance?” o Mxc a parody of a parody East asia was object of ridicule, now America object of ridicule in media/pop culture Decline of US and rise of China Godzilla clips o Longest and oldest Godzilla franchise o Over 30 films o Original- anti nuclear war and testing o Godzilla was defender and champion of Japan o Themes- blaah blaaa bloo blee blah im drunk Emphasize vulnerability of japan o Motivated by Confucian concern for people o American version- mayor of new york interested in reelection o Americans created Godzilla in jap film o French created it in America GET MIDTERM BULLSHIT FROM STEPH! QUESTION: Levey mulder thing- “one cannot but be struck by the great differences among the various countries in east asia in their speeds and ( various countries have varied in their speed and nature of responses to the west and differences are because of the traditional cultures of the societies)” western imperialism is similar in China and Japan but outcomes different because traditional societies different. QUOTE 2: “what was it that enable japan to take a course so radically different than that of all the other
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NOTES EASC - NOTES EASC Japanese has three sets of...

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