quiz03.sp01 - Quiz 3 Dickey St 512, Spring 2001 1. I have a...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Quiz 3 St 512, Spring 2001 Dickey 1. I have a two factor factorial experiment with factors A and B each at two levels. My design is a CRD (completely randomized design) with 10 replicates of each treatmant combination. Here is a table of treatment totals, means, and corrected sums of squares within each treatment group (like in our class exercise). Here L and H indicate low and high levels of the factors. A B mean total CSS L L 10 100 8600 L H 30 300 8400 H L 60 600 9200 H H 100 1000 9800 (A) (24 pts.) Fill in the sums of squares and degrees of freedom for this analysis of variance table: Source df Sum of Squares treatments ____ ____________ error ____ ____________ (B) (8 pts.) The mean Y for high A is (1000+600)/20 = 80 and for low A it is (300+100)/20 = 20. The difference is 80-20=60. Compute the standard error ____________ for this difference of means (standard error associated with 60). (C) (12 pts.) Compute the estimated A main effect _______ and compute the sum of squares ________ for the main effect of A. (D) (6 pts.) Compute the F test for testing H0: No main effect of A. F = ______ 2. In a group of fifteen field plots (each with 100 plants) each plot is assigned to one of three X values 0, 1, or 2 where X is the number of times the plot is sprayed for fungus during the growing season. This is done in a completely randomized
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2008 for the course ST 512 taught by Professor Dickey during the Summer '07 term at N.C. State.

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quiz03.sp01 - Quiz 3 Dickey St 512, Spring 2001 1. I have a...

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