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HOMEWORK 3A - HOMEWORK 3A Due July14,2015,11:59pm 1 Write a...

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HOMEWORK 3A Due: July14,2015,11:59pm 1. Write a MATLAB script that computes the correlation coefficient of populations of lynx and hare in one period. Lastweek,weinvestigatedthebehaviorofthreespeciescompetingforthesamefood. As many of you observed, solving this problem without the use of arrays presented challenges. Since the algorithm needed to overwrite the values of x, y, and z at every time step, any calculations or plotting that required access to past data had to occur within the loop itself. This week, we’ll examine how a similar problem can be solved using arrays. UsingthedatacollectedbytheHudson’sBayCompanyfrom1900to1920,thepopulationso fthelynx (predator) and hare (prey) was modeled using Lotka Volterra equation by Dr. Mahaffy ( http://www- rohan.sdsu.edu/˜jmahaffy/courses/f09/math636/lectures/lotka/quald e2. html) : dx dt = 0.4x −0.018xy, dy dt = −0.8y +0.023xy, (1) where x, y are the populations (thousands) of hare and lynx, and t is time in units of years.
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