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HOMEWORK 1 Due: Tuesday,June30,2015,11:59pm 0. Reading assignment. Read §1.1 of ITC1 1. Oblate spheroid calculations. Complete problem 1.1.4 from ITC. 2. Polyhedron properties. Complete problem 1.1.5 from ITC. Follow the problem statement in the book, except for the following: Although MATLAB provides a function called table to organize text in to a tabular form, do not use this. Rather, use only fprintf with formatting codes to organize the results into a table. Textbook erratum: In the example below the table of formulae, the divisor for calculating Vol20 should be 12, not 4. Vol20 = ((15 + 5*sqrt(5))/12)*Eˆ3; ITC errata can be found at http://www.cs.cornell.edu/insight/errata.html . 3. Ellipsecalculations. Complete problem 1.1.6 from ITC. Submission Instructions: Submit a single .zip file containing all of your work (.m, .pdf, etc.) for each homework assignment to the CCLE course website. Homework submitted
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