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Shiva 2010 - ,OBTN,O V/YHbX/W HXA=AFDDh AEMDA DA8/Q_Y XHH...

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117 6,OBTN%,O 8!0$!0! 5)*8! V3 /YHbX&/W HXA=AF>DDh AEMDA/, DA8/Q *_Y XHH_ AY _?/ ->_AF e/X# OTN5,N, + f?A&? /eHC/, _?/ AE>=/ H8 > YMXAF= _?>_ &HF_AFb>DDh XAY/Y 8XHE _?/ =XHbF,Q -AC/ > YMXAF=+ > VX/@YHbX&/W XAY/Y >=>AF >F, >=>AF+ /e/F A8 A_ ?>Y X/M/>_/,Dh #//F bY/, >F, &HFYbE/,Q 5?/ &HF&/M_ _?bY ?A=?DA=?_/, F>_bX/WY MHf/X H8 Y/[email protected]/=/F/X>_AHF >F, &>DD/, >__/F_AHF _H ?/X MXH,A=AHbY &X/>[email protected] A_hQ .HX/He/X+ A_ AEMDA/, >F >F&A/F_ A,/> >#Hb_ _?/ X/D>_AHFY?AM #/_f//F ?bE>FY >F, F>_bX/) _?>_ _?/ />X_? #/Y_HfY =A8_Y HF ?bE>FY f?H+ AF _bXF+ >X/ f/DD >,eAY/, _H Y?Hf ,ADA=/F&/ AF HX,/X FH_ _H Yb88H&>_/ ?/X =/F/XHYA_hQ *F />XDh EH,/XF _AE/Y+ VX/YHbX&/W _?/X/8HX/ Yb==/Y_/, X/&AMXH&A_h >DHF= fA_? X/=/F/X>_AHFQ (*'65? *02765 !0$ 57"56*676%5 9A_? _?/ >,e/F_ H8 AF,bY_XA>DAYE >F, &HDHFA>DAYE+ ?Hf/e/X+ > &HF&/M_b>D #X/>C H&&bXX/,Q V0>_bX>D X/YHbX&/YW #/&>E/ _?HY/ M>X_Y H8 F>_bX/ f?A&? f/X/ X/RbAX/, >Y AFMb_Y 8HX AF,bY_XA>D MXH,b&_AHF >F, &HDHFA>D _X>,/Q 1H?F ;/>_/Y AF ?AY 0 RTN > *9ORBNY B2 #B??,N%, H88/X/, AF 076/ _?/ :XY_ ,/:FA_AHF H8 _?/ F/f E/>FAF=) V*F YM/>CAF= H8 _?/ F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y H8 >Fh &HbF_Xh+ f/ X/8/X _H _?/ HX/ AF _?/ EAF/+ _?/ Y_HF/ bFRb>XXA/,+ _?/ _AE#/X bF8/DD/, N/_&QOQW K *F _?AY eA/f+ F>_bX/ ?>Y #//F &D/>XDh Y_XAMM/, H8 ?/X &X/>_Ae/ MHf/XZ Y?/ ?>Y _bXF/, AF_H > &HF_>AF/X 8HX X>f E>_/XA>DY f>A_AF= _H #/ _X>FY8HXE/, AF_H AFMb_Y 8HX &HEEH,A_h MXH,b&_AHFQ 3/YHbX&/Y >X/ FHf E/X/Dh V>Fh E>_/XA>D HX &HF,[email protected] _AHFY /gAY_AF= AF F>_bX/ f?A&? E>h #/ &>M>#D/ H8 /&HFHEA& /gMDHA_>_AHFWQ a 9A_? _?/ &>M>&A_h H8 X/=/F/X>_AHF =HF/+ _?/ >__A_b,/ H8 X/&AMXH&A_h ?>Y >DYH DHY_ A_Y =XHbF,) A_ AY FHf YAEMDh ?bE>F AFe/F_Ae/F/YY >F, AF,bY_Xh f?A&? AEM>X_ e>Db/ _H F>_bX/Q 'HX F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y X/RbAX/ _H #/ V,/e/DHM/,WQ 2FDh HF&/ &>MA_>D >F, _/&?FHDH=h ?>e/ #//F #XHb=?_ AF fADD F>_bX/ :F, ?/X ,/Y_AFhQ 'XHE FHf HF+ A_ fADD #/&HE/ &HEEHF Y/FY/ _?>_ VF>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y &>FFH_ ,/e/DHM _?/EY/De/YZ A_ AY HFDh _?XHb=? _?/ >MMDA&>_AHF H8 ?bE>F CFHfD/,=/ >F, YCADD _?>_ >Fh_?AF= &>F #/ E>,/ H8 _?/E+ >F, EHY_ H8 _?/ F/&/YY>Xh fHXC X/RbAX/Y YCADD H8 > e/Xh ?A=? HX,/XQW ` 0>_bX/+ f?HY/ X/>D F>_bX/ A_ AY _H XAY/ >=>AF+ f>Y _X>FY8HXE/, #h _?AY HXA=AF>DDh 9/Y_/XF fHXD,@eA/f AF_H ,/>, >F, E>FAMbD>#D/ E>__/XQ *_Y &>M>&A_h
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118 4%5174#%5 _H X/F/f >F, =XHf ?>, #//F ,/FA/,Q *_ ?>, #/&HE/ ,/M/F,/F_ HF M/HMD/Q 5?/ ,/e/DHME/F_ H8 M/HMD/ f>Y _?bY /YY/F_A>D 8HX _?/ ,/e/DHME/F_ H8 F>_bX/Q 5?AY f>Y M>X_A&bD>XDh _Xb/ 8HX F>_bX/ >F, _?/ &HDHFA/YQ "/8HX/ AF,bY_XA>DAYE >F, &HDHFA>DAYE+ F>_bX/ >F, YH&A/_h ?>, /eHDe/,Q $HDHFA>D MHDA&h+ f?A&? /FYbX/, &>MA_>D >F, X>f E>_/XA>D wHfY 8HX _?/ /EMAX/+ >AE/, >_ V,/e/[email protected] AF=W F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y AF > MD>FF/, E>FF/X+ _H 8>&ADA_>_/ _?/ =/F/X>_AHF H8 X/e/Fb/Y >F, =XHf_? H8 &>MA_>DQ 5?AY &X/>_/, > F/f ,b>DAYE #/_f//F F>_bX/ >F, ?bE>FYQ IAF&/ F>_bX/ F//,/, _H #/ V,/e/DHM/,W #h ?bE>FY+ M/HMD/ ?>, >DYH _H #/ ,/e/DHM/, 8XHE _?/AX MXAEA_Ae/+ #>&Cf>X, Y_>_/Y H8 /E#/,,/,F/YY AF F>_bX/Q 0>_bX/WY _X>FY8HXE>_AHF AF_H F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y F//,/, _H =H ?>F, AF ?>F, fA_? _?/ _X>FY8HXE>_AHF H8 &bD_bX>DDh ,Ae/XY/ M/HMD/ AF_H VYCADD/, ?bE>F X/YHbX&/YWQ !Y _?/ J0 X/MHX_ HF I&A/F&/ >F, 5/&?FHDH=h 8HX %/e/DHME/F_ Y_>_/Y) V5?/ ,/e/DHME/F_ H8 ?bE>F X/YHbX&/Y EbY_ =H ?>F, AF ?>F, fA_? _?>_ H8 F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/YQW x 5?/ f?A_/ E>FWY V&AeADA¬AF=W #bX,/F f>Y _?bY >F /YY/F_A>D M>X_ H8 ,/e/DHMAF= F>_bX>D X/YHbX&/Y+ >F, E>CAF= _?/E >e>AD>#D/ 8HX &HEE/X&A>D /gMDHA_>_AHFQ 5?/ X/D>_AHFY?AM H8 M/HMD/ _H F>_bX/ f>Y _X>FY8HXE/,+ 8XHE HF/ #>Y/, HF X/YMHFYA#ADA_h+ X/Y_X>AF_ >F, X/&AMXH&A_h _H HF/ #>Y/, HF bFX/@ Y_X>AF/, /gMDHA_>_AHFQ *F /e/Xh &>Y/+ _?/ /gMDHA_>_AHF H8 F>_bX/ AF _?/ &HDHFA/Y >MM/>XY _H ?>e/ _>C/F MD>&/ AF _fH M?>Y/YQ *F _?/ :XY_ M?>Y/+ f?/F F>_bX/WY f/>D_? f>Y &[email protected] YA,/X/, >#bF,>F_ >F, 8X//Dh >e>AD>#D/+ VX/YHbX&/YW f/X/ /gMDHA_/, X>M>&AHbYDhQ 5?/h f/X/ FH_ ?bY#>F,/,Q *F _?/ Y/&HF, M?>Y/+ HF&/ /gMDHA_>_AHF ?>, &X/>_/, ,/=X>,>_AHF >F, Y&>X&A_h+ _?/ VE>F>=/E/F_W H8 VF>_bX>D X/YHbX&/YW #/&>E/ AEMHX_>F_ AF HX,/X _H E>AF_>AF &HF_AFb/, YbMMDA/Y H8 X>f E>_/XA>D 8HX &[email protected] E/X&/ >F, AF,bY_XhQ IH+ :XY_ D>F, f>Y _bXF/, AF_H > X/YHbX&/+ _?/F 8HX/Y_Y >F, f>_/X+ >F, FHf fA_? _?/ HFf>X, E>X&? H8 _/&?FHDH=h A_ AY _?/ _bXF H8 Y//,Y _H #/ &HFe/X_/, AF_H f?>_ >X/ &>DD/, _H,>h V=/F/_A& X/YHbX&/YWQ
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