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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EE 42 / 100 Problem Set 14 Spring 2008 1. The clock signal for a microprocessor is a 1 GHz square wave changing between 0 V and V dd (see inside cover of Nilsson and Riedel for an example of a squar wave). Internally this clock signal is connected to many gates with 500 pF total capacitance. (a) Calculate the power dissipated by the clock for = 5 V. (b) Repeat for = 1 V. (c) Repeat for = 1 V and operation at 10 GHz. 2. You are working for a software company designing image compression algorithms. Your task is to decide between two algorithms, the first requiring 10 8 operations per second executed serially on a single-core processor with = 1.8 V. The second algorithm needs 1.4 × 10 8 operations per second but is amenable to parallelization over two processors with = 0.6 V, each performing 0.7 × 10 8 operations per second. The two processors are otherwise identical
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