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Name: ______________________________ SID: ______________________________ (1 point) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Midterm EECS 240 B. E. BOSER March 19, 2002 SPRING 2002 Show derivations and mark results with box around them. Erase or cross-out erroneous attempts. Mark your name and SID at the top of the exam sheet. 1. [29 points] In the circuit below, the switch S1 is first closed and then opened abruptly, disconnecting C L from the amplifier. Calculate an exact expression for the variance of the noise voltage sampled onto C
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Unformatted text preview: L after opening the switch. The result should be a function of R s , g m1 , R L , C L , and k B T. Neglect flicker noise, the output conductance of M1, and all capacitors except C L . Note: There are several noise sources. 20 points are for the first correct result, remaining points for rest of the answers. 2. [20 points] Find the minimum width and length for two 1k Ω poly resistors with 0.2% matching with a yield of 89%. Poly sheet resistance: 100 Ω /square, standard deviation of the width: σ W =20nm. 1...
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