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C x1 g m7 K ω o = 1 KF V 1star V 7star C Leff = p 2 g m7 C x1 = K 3.3 = p 2 K −ω o = Optimal settling for 2-pole response occurs for 4 ) Fast settling (approx) ω u ω o C s C f 1 = g m1 C L C f 1F () + C s C f C s + C i + = Hs 1 = usually the zero is at a much higher frequency than the pole and can be ignored. F C f C f C s + C i + = ω o F g m1 C L C f + = C s C f 1s C f g m1 + 1 s ω o + = g m1 I SS V 1star = 3 ) Bandwidth Systematic offset is result of different VDS of M9 and M10 Solution: cascode M9 with a divice with same size and bias as M11. Make sure it won't go into triode (due to M9 diode connection). 2 ) Offset (ignoring flicker noise) S ieq 4k B T ⋅γ V 1star I SS 12 V 1star V 5star + V 1star V 9star + = 1 ) Noise EECS 240 , Spring 2004 , Midterm Solution Reference:C:\Documents and Settings\Bernhard\My Documents\Lib\MathCAD\Default\defaults.mcd
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t slew V x0 V 1star I SS C L F C s + C i + = t slew V x0 V
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2008 for the course EECS 240 taught by Professor Boser during the Spring '04 term at Berkeley.

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hw5_sol_04-04-01-18-27 - Reference:C\Documents and...

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