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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Problem Set 6 EECS 240 B. E. BOSER Due Tuesday, April 20, 2004 SPRING 2004 You are to design three aspects of a fully differential folded-cascode amplifier with PMOS inputs (see lecture 8). You may use ideal current sources (shunt with large resistor in case of convergence problems) for M3, M4, M9, M10, and M11 (omit cascodes M7, M8, M12) and an ideal CMFB (e.g. a VCCS) except when stated otherwise. Use the high-swing cascode bias circuit designed in an earlier homework or ideal voltage sources for biasing. Embed the amplifier into a fully differential feedback network with C L =5pF, C s =400fF, C f =100fF. Annotate all SPICE plots with: Specification (red): indicate “forbidden”, i.e. out-of-spec region, which the simulation result should not traverse Hand-analysis (green) Computer simulation (black): set appropriate scale so that spec is easily verifiable. Mark axes.
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