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Worksheet Data Analysis Module 5 Zo260, Spring 2008 Problem Set 2 February 15, 2008 Name____________________________ ID_______________________________ Problem sets must be turned in by the beginning of class on Monday, February 25. Late problem sets will not be accepted. You may work together to complete this problem set, but you may not copy another person’s work. If you have difficulty solving these problems, please see Dr. Haddad or your lab TA. Do not wait until the last minute to do these problems! Quoted material is from Ricklefs. RE, 2007. Economy of Nature, 5 th edition, Data Analysis Update. W.H. Freeman and Co., NY, NY. “Let’s look at the effect of changing the life-table values in Table 14.1 on the growth rate and age structure of a population. In this example, which is an imaginary population, the growth rate settled to a value of λ = 1.49 at a stable age distribution of 63.4% newborn, 21.3% age one year, 11.4% age two years, and 3.9% age three years. This age structure might be typical of a bird like the prairie chicken or perhaps a population of white-footed mice on a barrier island on the gulf coast of the United States.
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Module5handout - Worksheet Data Analysis Module 5 1...

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