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BIO 110, Summer 2007 Due: Tues., July 24 Quiz 3 Answer on 15 question Scantron 1. Life expectancy of humans in developed countries is now about 80 years and is increasing by about two years each decade. Many think that the effect of the “biotech revolution” is just beginning. For a person born in 1985 to 1990, what is your prediction of their life expectancy? a) Less than 80 years b) 80 to 90 years c) 90-110 years d) 110-130 years e) over 130 years 2. If life expectancy reaches 110 or more, what should be the normal retirement age (when one can get full Social Security retirement benefits, now age 66)? a) leave at 66 b) 67-75 c) 76-85 c) 86-95 d) over 96 3. Humans now appropriate an estimated 20% of the net primary production (NPP) of the planet. This percentage is likely to go higher as the human population increases and becomes more prosperous. What is the “rightful” share of the planet’s total productivity which should go to humans vs. the other 2 million species? a) Less than 10% b) 10-30% c) 30-50%
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Unformatted text preview: d) 50-90% e) We should be able to take it all 4. If you knew that limiting the human share of NPP would mean that billions people would continue to live in poverty, would it affect your answer to question 3? a) Yes b) No 5. Mounting evidence supports the hypothesis that human activities, such as urban sprawl and fossil fuel consumption, are substantially contributing to climate change. Keeping in mind question 1, which may mean you will be around a lot longer than you previously thought, we humans should: a) Immediately take drastic action to reduce carbon emissions b) Take small steps and see c) do more studies d) Gag Al Gore so we don’t have to hear about it e) do both A and D 6. If reducing the human effect on climate change will require painful sacrifices, which of the following would be most palatable? a) big increases in gas prices b) monumental registration fees for gas guzzlers c) limits on air conditioning use d) forced ride-sharing e) none – its all a hoax...
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