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BIO 110, Summer 2007 Due: Thursday, Aug. 1 Quiz 4 please answer on 15 question Scantron 1. Sexual reproduction can be expensive, particularly for females, and inefficient since the any offspring contain only one-half of your genes. If an asexual means of reproduction were available to you (such as the process of parthenogenesis in certain lizards, fish, and frogs) would you avail yourself to it? a) yes b) no c) maybe 2. Would you consider reproductively cloning (producing an exact genetic copy) a terminally ill, but cherished pet? a) yes b) no c) maybe 3. Biologists have speculated on the precise evolutionary role of sex and have produced several hypothesis’s. Which seems most reasonable to you? a) The DNA Repair Hypothesis – the synaptonemal complex which forms in the early stages of meiosis evolved originally as repair mechanism for damaged double-stranded DNA and was later adapted to align homologous chromosomes.
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Unformatted text preview: b) The Contagion Hypothesis – sex arose as a secondary consequence of the infection of eukaryotes by mobile genetic elements, such as viruses. c) The Red Queen Hypothesis – An evolutionary advantage of sex is that is allows populations to “store” recessive alleles which are currently bad but which may have value sometime in the future. Natural selection works against bad genes, but they can be sheltered in heterozygotes . d) Miller’s Ratchet – It was noted by Miller that there are limited mechanisms in asexually reproducing organisms to eliminate harmful mutations in genes. Sexual populations can employ recombination to generate individuals carrying fewer mutations. 4. Would you want to be able to choose the sex of your next child? a) Yes b) No...
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