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Unformatted text preview: Alignment Assignment This assignment can also be found on line on the web site with active links by going through the syllabus or the announcements pages. Many resources for multiple sequence alignments are now available on line. has a great deal of information about BLAST as well as a tutorial. has a list of available alignment software. Several sites actually have the tools available for doing the alignments on line. All that you have to do is upload a FASTA file, and the computer running the web site will do the alignment. These systems use different methods to align these sequences, so many will produce different alignments from the same input file. We want you to try a number of these programs on your own time, and investigate the results. We will be using a FASTA file of partial calmodulin sequences from ten species of Conus. This is a really cool genus of predatory tropical reef snails with beautiful shells and complex cocktails of...
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