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Page 1 of 6 BIOLOGY 1A: COURSE SYLLABUS Spring 2008 Faculty : The faculty, all from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology will hold office hours (while they are lecturing) as follows: Time and Location Phone, Office, Email Mark Schlissel F 9:30-11:00, 499 LSA* 3-2462,439 LSA, [email protected] Jasper Rine M12-1, F 1:15-2:15 in 2084 VLSB* 2-7047, 374A Stanley, [email protected] Gary Firestone MTh 2-3 in 2084 VLSB* 2-8319, 591A LSA, [email protected] * Office hours and location may be revised. Course Coordinator : Mike Meighan. 2-4110, 2088 VLSB, mailbox in 2084 VLSB, e-mail { [email protected] }. Office hours are M 11-12, W 10-11, 2-3, and by appointment*. I am available for advice on study habits, techniques, lab and lecture material, exams and grading issues. I effectively will handle all administrative and grading logistics. Graduate Student Instructors : The GSI’s will teach discussion. A discussion GSI will be in the GSI office, 2084 VLSB, between 10-2, M-F. Messages may be left in your GSI's mailbox in 2084 VLSB. TIME TABLE The deadlines for adding, dropping, and changing your grading option are shown in the reading list. If you drop after 2/8 you will have low priority for future enrollment. 1. Lectures begin January 23 rd and end on May 12 th . Lectures are held in 1 Pimentel from 8-9 AM. Simulcast will be held in 10 Evans. Lectures will also be available on the web ( ). Occasionally, handouts will be given and they will be available at the entrance, and at the front of the room. Dr. Schlissel’s lecture slides will be available on bSpace in PDF format before each lecture. Some handouts are available only online, others are only available for purchase at Replica Copy, 2140 Oxford. No note taking service is authorized. 2. Email address: We will routinely email the students about once a week. We will use the email address you have listed in the CalNet Directory. If it isn’t the one you check, then you need to change it in the CalNet directory. If you have not received any emails yet, there is a problem with your listed email address. bSpace will be used frequently, check it! 3. ADDING: You must already be waitlisted. To add Bio 1A, you must be enrolled in Bio 1AL or be exempt from concurrent enrollment. See our website for more information. You cannot be exempt if you are undeclared or your major requires both classes. To request to enroll, an " Enroll from Waitlist " form must be filled out and submitted on-line. It is available on-line at our website ( ) or through bSpace. It is due by 8 AM on January 25 th . You must first be added to the lab course (unless exempt) – Bio 1AL. The “Enroll from Waitlist” form allows you to request enrollment in either or both courses. Section assignments will be done directly online by 10 AM on Monday (January 28 th ) and can be seen on Tele-BEARS (immediately) or Bear Facts
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2008 for the course BIO 1A taught by Professor Schlissel during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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Bio1A_sp08_syllabus - BIOLOGY 1A COURSE SYLLABUS Spring...

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