1998Quiz1 - Integrative Biology 200"PRINCIPLES OF...

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Unformatted text preview: Integrative Biology 200 "PRINCIPLES OF PHYLOGENETICS" Spring 1998 Quiz 1 You may use any books, notes, or references, but you must work independently of other people, inside or outside of the course: you are on your honor to do so . To keep the amount of writing under control, please confine the answers to the space provided (but write clearly and large enough to see!); outlines are fine. You of course may type the answer if you want, following the same space constraint (no smaller than 10 pt. font). Include literature citations (author and year are enough) where you use them. 1.(9 points) Briefly describe each of the following morphometric methods, and their possible uses in systematics: a) Bivariate plot b) Procrustes analysis c) Thin-plate spline 2.(6 points) You have just overheard an argument about reconstructing relationships between a phenetist, cladist, and an evolutionary biologist. Briefly compare and contrast each individual's position. 3. (5 points) How is it possible that branch lengths on a tree produced using UPGMA may not agree with3....
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1998Quiz1 - Integrative Biology 200"PRINCIPLES OF...

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