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History and Philosophy of Systematic Biology Bock, W. J. (1973) Philosophical foundations of classical evolutionary classification Systematic Zoology 22: 375-392 Part of a general symposium on "Contemporary Systematic Philosophies," there are some other interesting papers here. Brower, A. V. Z. (2000) Evolution Is Not a Necessary Assumption of Cladistics Cladistics 16: 143- 154 Dayrat, Benoit (2005) Ancestor-descendant relationships and the reconstruction of the Tree of Lif Paleobiology 31: 347-353 Donoghue, M.J. and J.W. Kadereit (1992) Walter Zimmermann and the growth of phylogenetic theory Systematic Biology 41: 74-84 Faith, D. P. and J. W. H. Trueman (2001) Towards an inclusive philosophy for phylogenetic inference Systematic Biology 50: 331-350 Gaffney, E. S. (1979) An introduction to the logic of phylogeny reconstruction, pp. 79-111 in Cracraft, J. and N. Eldredge (eds.) Phylogenetic Analysis and Paleontology Columbia University Press, New York. Gilmour, J. S. L. (1940) Taxonomy and philosophy, pp. 461-474 in J. Huxley (ed.) The New Systematics Oxford Hull, D. L. (1978) A matter of individuality Phil. of Science 45: 335-360 Hull, D. L. (1978) The principles of biological classification: the use and abuse of philosophy Hull, D. L. (1984) Cladistic theory: hypotheses that blur and grow, pp. 5-23 in T. Duncan and T. F. Stuessy (eds.) Cladistics: Perspectives on the Reconstruction of Evolutionary History Columbia University Press, New York * Hull, D. L. (1988) Science as a process: an evolutionary account of the social and conceptual development of science University of Chicago Press. An already classic work on the recent, violent history of systematics; used as data for Hull's general theories about scientific change. Kitts, D. B. (1977) Karl Popper, verifiability, and systematic zoology. Systematic Zoology 26: 185- 194 Kluge, A. G. (1999) The Science of Phylogenetic Systematics: Explanation, Prediction and Test Cladistics 15: 429-436 Kluge, A. J. (2001) Philosophical conjectures and their refutation Systematic Biology 50: 322-330 Mayr, E. (1982) The Growth of Biological Thought. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. McKelvey, B. (1982) Organizational Systematics, Univ. of California Press Berkeley Mishler, B. D. (1989) Untitled review of Hull, D.L. (1988) Science as a process. Systematic Botany 14: 266-268 O'Hara, R. J. (1992) Telling the tree: Narrative representation and the study of evolutionary history Biology and Philosophy 7: 135-160 O'Keefe, F. R. and P. M. Sander (1999) Paleontological paradigms and inferences of phylogenetic pattern: a case study. Paleobiology 25: 518-533 de Queiroz, K (1987) Systematics and the Darwinian revolution. Philosophy of Science 55: 238-259 de Queiroz, K. and S. Poe (2001) Philosophy and phylogenetic inference: a comparison of likelihood and parsimony methods in the context of Karl Popper's writings on corroboration. Systematic Biology 50: 305-321 ** Sober, E. (1988) Reconstructing the past, Chapter 1. MIT Press.
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IB200A_PrintableReadings - History and Philosophy of...

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