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Integrative Biology 200A "PRINCIPLES OF PHYLOGENETICS: SYSTEMATICS" Syllabus • Spring 2008 Professors : David R. Lindberg – phone: 2-3926, email: drl@berkeley.edu Brent D. Mishler – phone: 2-6810, e-mail: bmishler@calmail.berkeley.edu Kipling W. Will – phone: 2-4296, e-mail: kiplingw@nature.berkeley.edu Graduate Student Instructor: Stephanie A. Stuart -- phone: 3-5430, email: sastuart@berkeley.edu Class meeting time: Tu-Th, 12:30 - 3:30 pm; lecture is in room 3083 VLSB. Labs are sometimes in either the computer teaching room in front of library (Macs), or room 3056 near the IB office (PCs). Lab time can vary also, but will be announced in lecture. Additional drop-in lab sessions will be set up for students to do homework and/or projects. Tentative schedule : Jan. 22: Introduction – contemporary issues in systematic biology—what is at stake? (DRL, BDM, KWW, & SAS) LAB: Discussion: student interests Jan. 24: What is Systematic Biology? History & Philosophy (BDM) LAB: Tour of systematics collections, labs, and resources Jan. 29: The Hennig Principle: Homology; synapomorphy; rooting issues (BDM) LAB: A simple parsimony algorithm by hand (BDM) Jan. 31: Character analysis – what is a data matrix? (BDM) LAB: Matrices MacClade and Mesquite Feb. 5: Morphological data I – the importance of incorporating fossils into phylogenetics (DRL) LAB: Introduction to PHYLIP Feb. 7: Morphological data II – ontogeny & structure of animals (DRL) LAB: PROJECT TOPIC DUE Feb. 12: Morphological data III – character coding: primary homology, polarity, additivity, etc. (KWW)
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This note was uploaded on 08/01/2008 for the course IB 200 taught by Professor Lindberg,mishler,will during the Spring '08 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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IB200ASyllabus_2008 - Integrative Biology 200A...

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