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Food Safety in the News

Food Safety in the News - they got a score of 78 out of 100...

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Food Safety in the News In the news article “Shell Shocked”, the health officials made a discovery at a restaurant and found that their reach-in cooler was out of temperature and the shrimps were thawing over ground beef. This is very serious problem for food safety. Such carelessness of a restaurant can put allergy sufferers at risk. Like millions of other allergy sufferers, Jarvis Davis, an allergy sufferer, shellfish can send him to the hospital. He recalls his first time being shell shocked. "Within two or three minutes something just came over me, and at that time my eyes turned red, itching all over my skin. My insides were hurting or whatever it felt as if my ribs were coming together," said Davis. This news article also found out that there was a restaurant that did not know what the requirements for food safety was. During their re-inspection,
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Unformatted text preview: they got a score of 78 out of 100 points. The restaurant owner needs to enforce the safety rules in their workplace to keep their customers safe. No customer should ever be in danger of eating at a restaurant. In our text book, “a food allergy is the body’s negative reaction to a particular food protein.” To prevent this problem, the employees should know the most common food allergens and inform customers of menu items that contain these potential allergens. Moreover, shellfish cannot be placed near or allowed to thaw atop any other food. In addition, a major hazard food is cross-contamination, which is the transfer of microorganism from one food or surface to another. In class, we often talk about food safety. Food safety is not only about cleaning, but also about preparing food in the right way....
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