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Bio1AL_sp08_syllabus - BIOLOGY 1A LABORATORY COURSE...

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Page 1 of 4 BIOLOGY 1A LABORATORY COURSE SYLLABUS Spring 2008 Lecturers : Mike Meighan from the Department of MCB. Lecture: Lectures are Monday from 5-6:30 PM in 1 Pimentel and simulcast in 10 Evans. They will also be webcast. You should read the assigned readings in Campbell and the lab manual prior to the lab lecture. The first lecture will be held on January 28 th . Labs begin the second week of classes. Contact information/office hours: Mike Meighan. 642-4110, 2088 VLSB, mailbox outside 2088 VLSB, e-mail is { [email protected] berkeley.edu }. Scheduled Office hours are M 11-12, W 10-11, 2-3 and by appointment*. I am available for advice on study habits, techniques, and on matters of scheduling, laboratory operations, exams, etc.. * Office hours and location may be revised. Graduate Student Instructors : The GSI’s will instruct the laboratory sections. A GSI will be available in the GSI office; 2084 VLSB on Monday from 10-12 PM and typically one hour before the start of each lab period. Messages may be left in your GSI's mailbox in 2084 VLSB. GSI Office Hours: M 2-4, T 8: 30 -9: 30 , 1-2, 5: 30 -6: 30 , W 1-2, 5: 30 -6: 30 , Th. 8: 30 -9: 30 , 1-2, 5: 30 -6: 30 PM, F 1-2. TIME TABLE The deadlines for adding, dropping, and changing your grading option are shown in the reading list. If you drop after 2/8 you will have low priority for future enrollment. 1. Lectures begin January 28 th and end on May 5 th . Lectures are held in 1 Pimentel on Monday from 5-6:30 PM and simulcast in 10 Evans. Lectures will be webcast and will be available on the web ( http://webcast.berkeley.edu/courses/). Handouts will be available for downloading on the Biology 1A website, by 5 PM on the Friday before a given lecture. No note taking service is authorized. 2. Email address: We will routinely email students about once a week. We will use the email address you have listed in the CalNet Directory. If it isn’t the one you check, then you need to change it in the CalNet directory. If you have not received any emails yet, there is a problem with your listed email address. 3. ADDING: Students already on the waitlist have been added to any seats that were open up to Friday January 18 th . The remaining students on the waitlist (and new students wanting to enroll) must fill out an online “Enroll from Waitlist Request” form in addition to being on the waitist. This form is available from our website and bSpace and must be submitted by 8:00 AM Friday January 25 th . We will be allowing “alternate” students to attend lab (2 per section) for the first 2 weeks of lab (until Friday February 8 th ). Information about alternates will be sent by email to all waitlisted students and will be posted on the class website.
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