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Unformatted text preview: Er-33, # 19 & 20195TS+P+195T+SP280TSP+280T+S+P5TS+P5T+S P+20T+S+P+20TS P195S+T P+195S T+P280STP+280S+ T+ P5S+TP5S T+P+20S+ T+ P+20ST PNote the approach. Determinewhich are double recombinants(the lowest #) and see whichallele appears different from theparental; that is the locus that isin the middle. In this case the Tlocus is in the middle (we referto the name of the locus basedupon the mutant allele). Theblue arrows indicate the pairingsof parentals and doublerecombinants that show adifference in one allele (see redfont). I rewrite the genotypes toaccurately reFect the order onceit has been determined. That isshown in the right table. Thegenotype of the parentalindividual that is heterozygousfor all three traits isS+T+P/STP+ (the test crossindividuals genotype must havebeen S+T+P+). Determine whatthe recombinants would bebetween the T & P LOCI:S+T+P+ (20) and STP (20) andyou must also include the doublerecombinants, ST+P+ (5) andS+TP (5). Thus the total is 50over 1,000 (5 map units).One can map the distance between T & P and it is about 400/1000 which is about 40 map units.12. (4 pts) A student scientist studying wing length in fruit flies discovers a mutant fly with shortwings. They generate a true breeding line of flies for this mutation, named short wings (later revised t oshort wings 1). While tasting maple syrup in Vermont they discover a short winged fruitfly and theyshort wings 1)....
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Sp07_Lect8_Answers - Er-33 19& 20195TS P 195T SP280TSP...

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