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MCB 11 M. D. Alper Spring 2006 QUIZ I -KEY February 9, 2006 1. (10 pts) The Food and Drug Administration was criticized several years ago for testing new antibiotics (drugs that kill disease-causing bacteria) on adult men only. Only those drug candidates that are shown in those tests to have few, if any, side effects and are effective in treating the disease in question ar allowed on the market. a. Which aspect of the Unity Principle could be used to support the view that testing on men is sufficient to determine safety for all humans. The Unity Principle states that organisms, however different they may appear, share a very large fraction of their molecules and processes. Thus a molecule, process, effect seen in one organism is likely to be seen in any other. Thus, one could argue that the effects, good or bad, of a drug in males would be the same in females and thus a test on males is sufficient. b.
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