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Prob__set-1_mcb_11_2006_-_Exam_ - MCB 11 Spring 2006...

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MCB 11 M. D. Alper Spring 2006 Problem Set 1 February 3, 2006 1. What is the fundamental law of nature that determines whether a particular set of molecules, atoms etc will be converted to another set? 2. Will it always be true that the conversion favored by this fundamental law will take place? Explain. 3. In what way can an increase in temperature help overcome the impediment you described in question 2? Explain fully. 4. A new drug proposed for the treatment of advanced liver cancer has just shown excellent results in monkeys with the disease. You are the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and have the responsibility for deciding whether and when it should be made available for human cancer patients for whom all known treatments are ineffective. Name and discuss four factors, two favoring release, two favoring delay of release, that should influence your thinking. 5. The hydrogen atom can form a covalent bond. Explain.
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