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Prob__set-1_mcb_11_2006_-_Key_ - MCB 11 Spring 2006 Problem...

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MCB 11 Spring 2006 Problem Set I -Key 1. All processes/conversions proceed in the direction of the lowest energy state. 2. No. It will take place only when the route from the starting state to the final state is accessible, e.g. it does not pass through a very high energy intermediate state. 3. Increasing the temperature increases the average energy of the starting materials. A sufficient increase in this average energy could, given the distribution of energies of the starting materials, give some of them sufficient energy to overcome the activation energy barrier. 4. In favor of use— a. The unity principle states that organisms are fundamentally the same with regard to their molecules and processes. Thus it is reasonable to assume that a drug that performs a certain function in monkeys would perform the same function in humans. b. Individuals with serious, terminal diseases might choose to take unproved drugs since they have little to lose and much to gain Against use— a. The unity principle also states that the differences we see between organisms are due to the differences in their molecules and processes. Thus it cannot be definitively stated that what is effective treatment in monkeys is effective treatment in people.
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