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Announcements and Such Today’s Music: Procol Harum : “Simple Sister” and “A Whiter Shade of Pale” from Classics Volume 17 We now have a course discography , and I will be taking song requests (by email —10 minute limit). Sections will meet next week @ 301 Moses Look for email on your section assignment Talk to GSIs about section times/changes Final course roster will be set next week. Branden’s office hours are cancelled today Today’s Lecture: Perception I (of III) First: Two “leftovers” from last time. Two Senses of “Reasonable” Belief Epistemology is about a special ( epistemic ) kind of “reasonableness” Example: I offer a $1M to those who believe some insignificant falsehood ( p ) In one sense, it would be “reasonable” for you to (be such that you) believe p . This is not the sense of “reasonable” that epistemology is concerned with We need a connection to the truth of p This is made more subtle by non- standard conceptions of truth . We’ll return to that wrinkle later… Perception vs Introspection (Follow-up) Example #1: S sees a (straight) pencil in water, and (falsely) believes it’s bent S does not see a bent pencil (later, we’ll say she sees a straight pencil as bent) Does S see something that they (falsely) believe is a bent pencil? (Yes.) Example #2: By introspection (“seeing in her mind’s eye”), S comes to believe she’s imagining a green field. Assume S is mistaken (if it’s possible). Is S imagining something that S (falsely) believes is a green field? (Less clear.) We’ll return to these questions soon… Perception I.1 There are various kinds of sensory perception (seeing, hearing, etc .) We will focus on seeing , but the distinctions we’ll make are general. We’re interested in cases of perceptual belief — beliefs grounded in perception ( not merely beliefs about perceptibles) Paradigm case: I see a green field, and (on this basis) I believe two things: that there is a green field before me that I am seeing a green field First: elements & kinds of perception
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Perception I.2 There are four elements of perception: The perceiver S Me (in our paradigm case) The object o perceived by S The field before me The sensory experience e had by S My visual experience (shapes,
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lecture_2_2x2 - Announcements and Such Music Today'sShade...

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