lecture_4_2x2 - Announcements and Such Genesis : Watcher of...

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Unformatted text preview: Announcements and Such Genesis : Watcher of the Skies from Foxtrot Sections meet this week in their permanent location Permanent section locations are posted on web You should have received 2 emails re sections The Thursday 3-4 section meets in 235 Dwinelle Final course roster will be set this week (everyone?) First Chunk of Audi is online < 122/audi_1.pdf > No Lecture on Tuesday! Today: Perception III (of III) Brief review, then the final perception readings Review from Last Time I The Naive, direct realist has no way to handle cases of illusion & hallucination Sense-Datum (SD) theory is an alternative, indirect form of realism SD : objects cause mental representations , (sense-data) which we directly perceive These sense-data can misrepresent the external physical objects that cause them When such misrepresentation happens, we suffer from perceptual illusion SD : in hallucination, there are still sense- data present, but no object causing them Digression on Misrepresentation I How is misrepresentation even possible , from a causal/realist point of view? Fred Dretske has a nice paper on this issue (its called Misrepresentation ) He discusses magnetosomes tiny organisms that live in the ocean. In their normal environment/niche, the amount of oxygen in the water tends to increase as one goes due north They evolved magnetic-field detectors to help them move toward oxygen-rich A sudden change in their environment caused these systems to misrepresent Digression on Misrepresentation II One could tell a similar story about the perceptual systems of human beings Plausibly, they are designed to produce representations (with a certain degree of accuracy) in certain environments When subjected to a radically abnormal or unusual environment/scene, ones perceptual system may misrepresent Last time, we saw various compelling and persistent visual illusions. Perhaps were like magnetosomes Our normal environments/niches havent presented us with such weird scenes Review from Last Time II The argument from hallucination (AFH) is used to motivate SD-theory. AFH: genuine & hallucinatory experience are intrinsically indistinguishable . they must have the same objects (SD) The AFH is unsound : There need not be any object of Halluc. Even if there is, why should they be the same type as in genuine perception? And, why should both be mental / internal ? AFH does have intuitive appeal G&H experiences do feel like the same types Adverbial Theories I So, the SD-story faces serious problems....
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lecture_4_2x2 - Announcements and Such Genesis : Watcher of...

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