tol - AS S E M B L I N G T H E T R E E O F L I F E...

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This document is based on three National Science Foundation Tree of Life Workshops held in 1 999 and 2000 at Yale University, the University of California Davis, and the University of Texas Austin. See for full reports of each workshop. Editorial Committee: Joel Cracraft , American Museum of Natural History Michael Donoghue , Yale University Jerry Dragoo , University of New Mexico David Hillis , University of Texas Terry Yates , University of New Mexico NSF Observers: Matt Kane, Mary McKitrick, James Rodman, Joann Roskoski, Terry Yates, and Grace Wyngaard. This document is an outgrowth of discussions and the reports of the three workshops, which were supported by a grant (DEB-0089975) from the National Science Foundation to the American Museum of Natural History. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this document are those of the participants, and do not necessarily represent the official view, opinions, or policy of the National Science Foundation. Participants: Meredith Blackwell , Louisiana State University Judy Blake , The Jackson Laboratory Rob DeSalle , American Museum of Natural History Jonathan Eisen , The Institute for Genomic Research Douglas Futuyma , University of Michigan Jacques Gauthier , Yale University Pablo Goloboff , University of Tucuman, Argentina Darlene Judd , Oregon State University Junhyong Kim , Yale University Meredith Lane , Academy of Natural Sciences Paul Lewis , University of Connecticut Diana Lipscomb , George Washington University Francois Lutzoni , The Field Museum Wayne Madisson , University of Arizona Brent Mishler , University of California Berkeley Maureen O’Leary , State University of New York Stony Brook Jeffrey Palmer , Indiana University Kathleen Pryer , Duke University Michael Sanderson , University of California Davis Pam Soltis , University of Florida James Staley , University of Washington Naomi Ward , Louisiana State University Quentin Wheeler , Cornell University Ward Wheeler , American Museum of Natural History Kevin P. White , Yale University Brad Shaffer , University of California Davis Gavin Naylor , Iowa State University Peter Cranston , University of California Davis Chuck Delwiche , University of Maryland Tom Bruns , University of California Berkeley Dirk Redecker , University of California Berkeley Roderick D. M. Page , University of Glasgow David Maddison , University of Arizona Emilia Martins , University of Oregon Bill Piel , University of Leiden Tim Lilburn , Michigan State University Michael Freeston , Kings College, Aberdeen Jim Gannon , Parabon Computation Susanne Chambers , Parabon Computation Hasan Jamil , Mississippi State University Peter Karp , SRI International Anne Frondorf , U.S.Geological Survey Gary Waggoner , U.S.Geological Survey Chris Henze , NASA Ames Research Labs Tamara Munzner , Stanford University Jeffrey Boore , DOE Joint Genome Institute Stuart Brand , All Species Foundation David C. Cannatella , University of Texas Austin
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tol - AS S E M B L I N G T H E T R E E O F L I F E...

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