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Unformatted text preview: R EADINGS IN THE F IELD OF N ATURAL R ESOURCE & E NVIRONMENTAL E CONOMICS Alexander S. P. Pfaff Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs School of International and Public Affairs, Department of Economics, and Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, Columbia University Robert N. Stavins Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Resources for the Future June 22, 1999 PREFACE This is the latest version of a document periodically produced since the early 1980's. It combines an outline of the field of natural resource and environmental economics with a bibliography of 945 references. In the past, this reading list has been used in a variety of ways: as a guide to the literature for graduate students in departments of economics which do not offer a Ph.D.-level survey course of the field; as a resource for Ph.D. students who wish to develop a directed readings course in the field; and as an aid to students at the masters and undergraduate levels who wish to explore selected areas in greater depth. For their help in assembling this new version of Readings in the Field of Natural Resource & Environment Economics, we thank the following individuals: Amy Ando, Scott Barrett, Peter Berck, Richard Bishop, Nancy Bockstael, Peter Bohm, Lans Bovenberg, Trudy Cameron, Jon Conrad, J. R. DeShazo, Myrick Freeman, Don Fullerton, Lawrence Goulder, Gloria Helfand, Larry Karp, Nathaniel Keohane, Catherine Kling, Charles Kolstad, Richard Kosobud, Gilbert Metcalf, Juan- Pablo Montero, Ian Parry, Andrew Plantinga, Stephen Salant, Jason Shogren, Arthur Small, V. Kerry Smith, Stephen Swallow, Martin Weitzman, and Peter Zapfel. For their help with the preceding version, produced by Porter Hoagland and Robert Stavins in 1992, we thank: Peter Berck, Richard Bishop, Glen Blomquist, John Braden, David Brookshire, Gardner Brown, Ilana Cohen, Parzival Copes, Maureen Cropper, Donald Dewees, Diane DuPont, Roderick Eggert, Anthony Fisher, Myrick Freeman, Charles Howe, Randall Kramer, Jeffrey Krautkraemer, Eric Lichtenberg, Robert Mendelsohn, Raymond Mikesell, Gordon Munro, Philip Neher, George Parsons, Steve Polasky, Guilio Pontecorvo, Robert Porter, Alan Randall, Bruce Rettig, Stephen Salant, Kathleen Segerson, Joseph Seneca, V. Kerry Smith, Tom Tietenberg, and David Zilberman. We welcome suggestions of ways to improve this document, including additions and other changes to the outline and reading list. Please send your suggestions to Rob Stavins at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138; phone 617-495-1820; fax 617-496-3783; e-mail:
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