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mt1_sol - UNIVERSITYOF CAI-IFORNIA collgeof Engtneeing...

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UNIVERSITY OF CAI-IFORNIA coll€ge of Engtneeing Departnent of Elo.t cal EnAin€€rinA and conPut.r S.icn.es EE 42l 100 I Chtrk the uits ol Your lesults I Cl6ed bmt, do*d noles. . Leve pack, book, and electronic devic6 (c.8' ell Phon6) in isle' . Copy your answers into narked boxes onexain shccts . Siiplify nuneri.al and alaebrai. results as m(ch as Po$ibLc UF lo 10 Points Penaltv for Gults rhat are not reasonably simPli6ed . Be kind io the grade6 and wrile lesibly No cic'l it to' illegible reults . No cftdit fo. multiPlc diffe.ing affis eE b thc sane qudtion . Tne UC iul€s on dishonestYaPPlY Name: 9 o\,,r \ro"r9 Name of studeni left of,ou: Name ofstudenl riShl of You: 1 2 3 Total
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r, [2s poinrsl Calculate thccomponcnrvalues oj ThCv€nin and Norron equivatenrs lor rhe ciEuit { $({.d" -- 'rhevcm - L -!\\Lr- V, ) C\r,r{L-) +!r Cn' YL\ *{-z ri13 C\z\ @rl4 )e,1 (-rr - \2, !,) ( \1 r) ((L\+ s?) (e' o.r ((,rSL.|t3) Rro.ton: v'rh : + trL'1 l1t\+ {1) C! Froc\ sgoo - c-rrcur\ - u5e NVA N\oV no auYieu\-! Noda vd{.F }'^!'F uA-!!' --r, r lllr - vo ila,ye.
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