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Land and Life SSC185 Spring, 2008 C OURSE O UTLINE 1. World Food Security 2. Global Hydrology 3. Soil Water 4. Soil pH 5. Soil Formation 6. Soil Biology 7. Soil and Plant Relationships 8. Soil Conservation 9. Land Use 10. Food Production Systems Selected Discussion Topics Global Warming Biotechnology – Genetic Engineering Air Pollution/Quality Water Quality Organic Farming Sustainable Farming Acid Rain Biodiversity in Agriculture Food Aid Government Agriculture Support Programs
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Unformatted text preview: Vegetable Production Commodity (Corn, Wheat, Beans, Cotton, etc.) Crop Production Biofuels Soil erosion and Sedimentation Desertification Salinization Fresh water supply Irrigation Pesticide and Fertilizer Use Integrated Pest Management Natural Resource Use and Conservation Please access the course website and complete the assignment “ topics.priority.08 ”...
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  • Spring '08
  • world food security, Agriculture Food Aid Government Agriculture, Production Biofuels Soil, Farming Sustainable Farming, Sedimentation Desertification Salinization
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