Global Wrming Paper Questions

Global Wrming Paper Questions - 6. W.F. Ruddiman suggests...

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SSC185 Global Warming Questions DUE DATE April 17, 2008 Use William Rudiman (Scientific American) and John Daly (The Hockey Stick)papers to answer these questions 1. Describe precession and its influence on global climate. 2. What two gases discussed in the article are primarily involved in global warming? 3. What is the source of the two gases? 4. What is the current CO 2 concentration (ppm). Describe the variation in CO2 concentration over the last 400,000 years. 5. What does the W.F. Ruddiman suggest is the primary reason for the increase in global warming? How does this view differ from what you have heard in the “press”?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. W.F. Ruddiman suggests that CO 2 will eventually decrease. What reasons does he give for this? 7. Describe the potential influence of the suns activity on solar radiation and its correlation with global temperature over the last 1000 years. 8. The data that were used to develop global temperatures over the last 1000 years (hockey stick) have been challenged. What was the primary rationale for this challenge? 9. If the hockey stick diagram were true, what evidence could you present to substantiate this claim? 10. How do scientists determine the future global climate?...
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Global Wrming Paper Questions - 6. W.F. Ruddiman suggests...

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