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Crop Production paper

Crop Production paper - and during shipping Marketing...

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SSC185 Land and Life Crop Production 1. Identify a favorite (not a requirement) food crop to explore how it is produced, processed, and marketed to the grocery store. Examples could be: Corn Wheat Broccoli Asparagus Wheat Barley Avocados Almonds Etc. etc.etc. etc 2. Submit your selected crop to me by March 20 with a brief outline that should include such factors as Production Where (US and other regions) raw product is predominately produced General production or cultural practices Inputs required (fertilizer, pesticides, etc) Production Costs Uses, Distribution and shipping Primary uses of the crop Distribution, processing information (some crops will require special processing, handling, etc. prior to
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Unformatted text preview: and during shipping) Marketing …wholesale and retail prices….this means…identify the approximate price the producer receives from the field AND the price the consumer pays (using same units of measure) 3. Prepare a 5-6 page paper (typed, single spaced) covering the above and other pertinent items. If you are working on a team….be certain all team members contribute and each reviews the draft text for quality of writing. Excellent writing (grammar, etc) will be rewarded. 4. DUE APRIL 10, 2007...
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