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MAE 406 Lighting Homework Due November 12, 2007 Breakup into teams of no more than three people (you may also work in pairs or alone). You can turn in one homework assignment for the entire group. No need to present the answers in formal report fashion, just make it neat. 1. Count the number of light fixtures in each of the seven main classrooms in Broughton Hall, plus the lights in each hallway. Then, compute the total lighting power in kW when all of the lights are on. I have provided some information on the lighting type below. Show your results in a table (spreadsheets are our friends) and work #2 - #4 using these results. 2. Assume that all of the lights operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and are not tied to an occupancy sensor. Compute the energy and electrical costs for the current operation. 3. If occupancy sensors were installed on the classroom lights, such that they operate only 12 hours per weekday and none on the weekends, what would be the new energy usage and costs. Determine the energy and cost savings.
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